Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sacramento Zoo

I went to the Sacramento Zoo and have pics to share! We saw lots of cool animals and birds and I think the giraffes and the red pandas were my favorite.

Right when we walked in, there was a Great Horned Owl to greet us...
Great Horned Owl
 A variety of waterfowl were hanging out in the pond...
White-faced Whistling Duck

American White Pelican
If this guy looks familiar it's because I see them in my backyard every day! This smart House Sparrow was mooching off the food in the Hornbill's cage...
House Sparrow

Red Kangaroo

Southern White-faced Owl
Of all the ducks in the pond, we'd actually already seen most of them out in the wild at our favorite wildlife refuges. It was neat seeing them closer up, though...
Hooded Merganser

Wood Duck

Comb Duck
This cutie patootie was a blast to watch...
Red Panda
 How can you not love this guy's face and want to bring him home with you???
Reticulated Giraffe

Unfortunately, I don't think my ceilings are quite high enough though...
Masai Giraffe
Last month, it was practically a miracle that we saw our first Wood Duck ever at Gray Lodge Wildlife Area. At the zoo, there were dozens of them posing for the camera and looking all rainbowy and shimmery in the sunshine...
Wood Duck

Orinoco Goose