Sunday, March 20, 2022

2 Years Later ↔ Where I Haven't Been ↔ Goodbye for Now

It's been two years since we went on our last adventure (to the Cosumnes River Preserve). Before the pandemic, we made so many plans to go so many places. I wanted to share much more of Northern California with you. I wanted to do so many things. Then the pandemic hit.

In the last two years, I've only left my house three times--for my 2 vaccine shots and booster--and come straight home. Not only have I not felt safe to go out, the astronomical gas prices would have forced me to stay home anyway. Now I'm afraid my cautiousness has turned into full-blown agoraphobia and I just can't get myself to leave home.

What have I been up to during all this time? Well, I've been on a different kind of journey. Several actually. I've been on a weight loss journey, where I've lost 70 pounds so far. You might not recognize me from my last video! I'm on a yoga journey as well, which started this year with a 30-day challenge and turned into daily yoga, to help tone up after the weight loss and help with my anxiety. And I've also been on a decluttering journey, where I've been busy tidying, organizing, and clearing my house of everything I don't need. Besides writing romance novels, I'd say I've been keeping pretty busy.

I'm still going to keep this website so I (and you!) can look back at all of those amazing adventures we had and remember a time when I wasn't in crazy germaphobe mode. Maybe I'll get to travel again someday and take you along with me to explore some beautiful locations in my home state.

In the meantime, my romance novels can be found here.

For now, here's wishing you safe travels...


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