Sunday, December 30, 2018

Looking back, pressing forward...

There were so many awesome adventures from 2018 that I sure am glad I started this blog to chronicle them all!

I visited my very first National Seashore, walked the nature trail at Gray Lodge Wildlife Area, got caught in the rain at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, and played in the snow at Lassen VNP.

And, I started hiking. A lot. 11 trails over the course of three months. I never thought I'd become a bona fide hiker. (And now I've got the shoes and everything!) The scenery was breathtaking and the fact that I completed all those hikes with my own two feet is absolutely incredible and more rewarding than anything else I've ever done. I guess I've got a dash of bravery and perseverance in me after all!

Crystal Lake trail, Lassen VNP (Juniper Lake in the background)

We walked through manzanita carpeted woodlands, the Reading Fire area, over boardwalks and bridges and through meadows and forests covered in lichen. All in all, we hiked over 40 miles, saw 19 lakes and 2 waterfalls.

Who knows what new adventures are around the corner in 2019? Anything is possible! Maybe I'll climb Lassen Peak. Maybe I'll do something equally as amazing. Maybe I'll walk barefoot in the sand at Baker Beach in San Francisco. Maybe I'll ride in a hot air balloon or frolic in a field of colorful wildflowers. That's the great thing about turning a fresh page on the calendar--you never know what the day's adventures might hold.

Shadow Lake, Lassen VNP

Here's wishing you an open road ahead and someone wonderful to share all of your amazing travels with...

Happy adventuring,
Rachelle Vaughn

Let's go on an adventure!

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