Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Ridge Lakes Revisited ↔ Lassen Volcanic National Park ↔ Summer Hiking Series

vaughn the road again northern california travel adventures guide

Last year we hiked to Ridge Lakes in the middle of October, and this year we hiked it during August. (Read all about that autumn hike here.) What a difference a couple months makes!

This time there were wildflowers in full bloom, representing every color under the rainbow, not to mention the yellow mule's ears covering the hillside. And to think that I couldn't imagine the trail being any prettier than when we did it in the fall when there weren't even any flowers!

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Between all the different birds we spotted and the beautiful wildflowers blooming, I didn't have time to think about how steep the climb was. The trail to Ridge Lakes is only 2 miles round trip, but has a 1,045 elevation change and is all uphill, as you can imagine.

The water level was too high for the ridge to appear between the lakes so you can stand between the lakes like I did last time, but everything was green and the small patches of snow made for some fantastic photo ops. The reflections on the water are crazy beautiful.

vaughn the road again northern california travel adventures guide

I guess it really is worth re-hiking a trail during a different season!

Let's go on an adventure!

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