Friday, July 5, 2019

5 Awesome Things About Hiking

I've got a feeling there are going to be plenty of add-ons to this list because I can think of dozens of things that I love about hiking.

For now, let's start off with five...

1. Nature is ever-changing. The scenery of a place can be drastically different from one season to the next. Wildflowers bloom and then wither and die off. The flow of waterfalls wax and wane depending on the time of year. Fall colors, as well as snow, can transform a place like magic.

2. A sense of freedom. When you're out in the middle of nowhere, you can enjoy the freedom of nature without anyone around. And the excitement of creating your own adventure is the best kind of freedom of all.

3. Getting out of your own head. Everyday stress, constant negativity and nagging problems are forgotten when you're inhaling breath after breath of fresh, clean air. Birds and wildlife--and even the plants and trees--are surviving, scrounging for food, competing for life while you're there to simply enjoy yourself. It's life or death for the wild things of nature and that realization can make your own problems seem that much smaller and insignificant. Hike the trail at your own pace and enjoy every second of it!

4. Opens your eyes to a whole new world. Up until now, you've only ever seen photos and social media posts of these wonderful natural wonders and travel destinations. And now you're out there walking to them on your own two feet and taking your own fabulous photos!

5. Hiking is addictive. Once you finish that first trail, you're already planning the next one! When you realize just how far you can push yourself, the possibilities are endless and you want to #AlwaysBeHiking.

If you're already a seasoned hiker, then this list is nothing new. You already know all about the health benefits of lacing up your hiking shoes and hitting the trail. If you're a newbie like I was last year, then what's stopping you from trying something new and challenging? Open up your search engine and find some hiking trails near you. Take it from me, you won't regret it!

Let's go on an adventure!

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