Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Look, Ma! No Guardrails! ↔ Driving Through Lassen Volcanic National Park

As soon as the road through Lassen Volcanic National Park opened up, we rushed over to get some photos and footage of all the beautiful snow before it all melted away!

Which probably won't take long, if the warm California sun has anything to do with it. There was so much snow runoff that little waterfalls had already begun forming on the side of the road!

Emerald Lake is still covered with ice and snow, and looking beautifully turquoise...

 Lassen Volcanic National Park northern California

The 30-mile highway through the park connects the northwest and southwest entrances of the park. There are no guardrails because of the snow removal requirements.

The park has become our summer oasis to escape the scorching temperatures in the valley, and I look forward to some more hiking adventures!

Here are some of the highlights from our drive through scenic Lassen VNP...

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